Cartoon-style image depicting the 14 allied health professions working in the NHS

Use virtual reality to experience a day in the life of an allied health professional working in the NHS

For the full immersive experience we recommend you use a virtual reality headset.

About these Virtual Reality 360 films

These new four films use the latest immersive 360-degree VR technology and are narrated by the clinicians themselves – giving inspiring and informative insight into their chosen professions. Using VR in this way is cutting edge and is thought to be some of the first work of its kind in health and care careers. The project is part of HEE’s AHP programme’s strategy to improve the supply of AHPs to help deliver the ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan.

The films have been created to show a typical day on the life of a podiatry, orthoptics, prosthetic and orthotics and therapeutic radiography professional. You can look around the environment, and watch short films embedded within it.

These films work best on a fast internet connection, otherwise you may experience a lag or pixelation. All these films have been through a formal review process with healthcare professionals and the professional bodies. All films were correct at the time of publication (October 2019). Some of these films contain graphic scenes of surgery and may not be suitable for all audiences.